This is my essay.

This is the busiest season of my job. When it is the off-season, my work load one one job will be less than 30 pages or so. However on the other day, my job was more than 100 pages. At last I had to do such job of 920 pages or so. What a terrible size it was! I have to check these documents perfectly, whether or not there were mistakes or legally right and so on. No wonder why I have no time to relax in this season.

Yesterday was Saturday, but it was impossible for me to finish all processing jobs. So I brought back the job to my house. I was in the Kotatsu (the leg-warmers instrument of Japanese style) and I kept doing my jobs. As the results, I finally could finish my jobs at the midnight. So with having a happy feeling, I put on the switch of TV. I found that it was the first day of the Torino Olympic. It was really beautiful show managed and planned by the Italians, who know arts. The torch lightning was just like as the launching rocket. How nice it was! Even Luciano Pavarotti sang the opera. I thought he had already retired from opera. How come a seventy-year old man could still sing a song with such a loud voice? With thinking like that, I fell asleep.

On next Sunday, I overslept until 9:30AM because I was so tired on the morning. Then I took a late breakfast and watched the TV of the jump and the mogul of skiing, which just started. To my regret, Mr. Harada of the expected jumper seems to have been disqualified. It is said that he was disqualified because his weight measured after his jump was 60.8 kilograms according to the explanation although the regulated weight was 61 kilos. He said that he misunderstood it as 60 kilos. In spite of a big expectation on his jump, most of us were disappointed. I think that it was Harada, as usual. On the other hand, his coaching staffs should check such a simple matter in advance. Isn't is a big mistake, is it? Or the Japanese Olympic Committee was so careless.

By the way, I wanted Miss Aiko Uemura of the mogul to take the medal by all means, because she had endeavored a lot. Actually her jump of screw was so wonderful. The height and beauty of her jump was perfect. However regrettably enough, she was the fifth. It is said the jump of screw was nice, but her time was not enough. The speed in the evaluation was 50%, whereas the jump was 25%. This seems to be her limit. After the play, with tearing, she kept saying sorry. But I think she needs not to apologize, because she had done her best play. It is enough.

The most exciting match of this Olympic is the women's still figure skating. It is a national concern whether three repetitive who have individuality and ability such as Miss Miki Ando, Miss Shizuka Arakawa and Miss Suguri Fumie could get some of medals or not. As I graduated from the same junior high school as Ando, I would like to assist her. However, thinking the face of Arakawa, she would have advantage, because Westerner would like her face.

Well, with thinking like that, I kept watching the Olympic game through the TV, until 10:30AM. Although it was a Sunday, I went to my office, having last night's document. When I reached to my office, there were two teams had already worked hard. I informed them the results of my check. As I consulted them for a while, I found that it was already at noon. So I departed from my office for playing tennis at the Jingu.

While I was playing tennis, I was sometimes bothered by a university student of Lefty. He sometimes made a porch and my pair was defeated because of him. However at the last game, when I was receiving the ball, I let my yellow ball passing straightly through his lefty side. It was an ace ball, which he didn't move at an inch. I was satisfied by this play. Today was a good day for me.

Thus with having good feelings, I dipped my body into the bathtub of my tennis club. There was a director of the M Corporation Firm by chance on my side. His age is slightly younger than I. I found that his hair was still black, with no gray hair. So I happened to ask him how he kept such black hairs. He smiled and his reply made me surprised. He said, "To tell the truth, I dye my hair. If I would not do, most of my hair would be gray." I watched his hair again and said I didn't realize it.

On the next moment, I asked him how much to dye his hair. He made me surprised again. He said, "Oh! It's free of charge. I dyed it by myself. My wife and daughter recommended me dye my hair. So I was guided by them how to dye. Nowadays I got used to it." Well, I simply didn't know. If I was him, I would go to the barber directly.

After I went out from the bath, my skin turned to be pinkish. I was so warm and had a lot of sweat. I cooled me down for a while and returned to my office. I found that the number of working team was three. I felt as if it would be like a weekday. I talked with the team of Security Law team. It was very complicated matter. The regulation has been more and more complicated. I think the corporate legal consultation will become busier than now. A few hours passed when I realized. I was hungry and went back to my house.

With taking a late dinner in my house, I watched the TV of Torino Olympics Game. It played a game named as the half pipe. Players dash out right to the left like a white pipe that was just like cutting the bamboo trees. Seven hundred and the nine hundred seemed to turn such a number of turning degrees. I couldn't believe that human beings could do such things. However when I saw the faces of the players taking out the snow glasses, I found that they were just ordinary young people.

(February 12, 2006)


Essay of My Wonderful Life

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