I have been to Beijing three times. One was a business trip and the rest two were my family trip. I enjoyed all of these tree trips very much, because there were many interesting things. Especially only one my business trip to Beijing, I had a good and funny experience. At that time, I went to see a key person of a Chinese Government, with a request. I felt that I got the tips on the negotiation with Chinese people. I showed him a statistics made by Chinese Government and requested something. First of all he said that he didn't know such statistics. I got angry and said this was made by your Government. You should know it because it was under your jurisdiction. His reply made me surprised. He said he must pay 2 million yen to get it. Well, everything is money and money in this country. Like this I negotiated two days fully. However he did not compromise. In the meantime, on the schedule, I have to go back to Japan. Then I finally said to him that we should reach to a conclusion, otherwise you should be troubled. This was a sign of concession, I thought. But he still didn't yield, not a cent. Then I declared that this negotiation was closed and I would go back. I took a car and directed to the airport. As I had a time to spare, I went into a restaurant of a hotel near the airport and enjoyed the Szuchuan food. Then, my Chinese negotiation counterpart appeared suddenly. He offered me a figure and asked my answer. I said to him, "Please give me some more." He said OK and showed me the new figure. I agreed. Then everything finished. This negotiation counterpart seemed to follow my car. Why? What was the full two-day' negotiation? Wasn't it time-consuming? Anyway China is a strange country.

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