Singapore is a beautiful city state, which is very well-managed. There are many skyscrapers in town, beautiful roadside-trees, a lot of world-famous brand stores in the center of commerce area and the nice walk way in the harbor area. Every where is beautiful and maintained nicely. That's why Singapore is very comfortable country for travelers. However, one day when he was watching television in the Shangrila Hotel, I happened to see one old woman, wearing Chinese traditional wear, hung on a pillar of her house of an old Chinese town. She cried, but her house was about to be broken down by a few bulldozers roaring a big noise. I really had sympathy to her. Then suddenly a telop flows. It was written that some residents resisted re-development stubbornly. Well, it might be true that without such a strong legal force, the beautiful scenery of Singapore would not be realized. But still, isn't it too much? At least it would be absolutely impossible in Japan. That's why our city scenery is not harmonized. Anyway it is true that Singapore is a country, "well-managed".

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