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 79.Man's Way of Life  78.Superconducting Magnet Train  77.Eight virtues of a Soba noodle  76. Unexpected Diet  75. The Beauty Contest  74. Daughter as a Doctor  73. Meteorite, Gold and Garnet   72. What's Java?   71. A Great Galaxy   70. Japanese Law Schools   69. Continuous Service for 30 Years   68. A Friend From Distant Quarters   67. Beaujolais Nouveau   66. The Japan Maritime Self Defense Force   65. The Japan Ground Self Defense Force   64. The Optical Fiber Age   63. Loach Catching Event   62. The North Korea Spy Ship   61. The Sex Change   60. Three Years-Old Boy's Habits   59. Legal Information Service   58. The Graduation Ceremony of The U.S. University   57. The Edo Hot Spa & Spring   56. Fifty Famous Places In The World   55. The Scuba Diving   54. At The Beginning of The New Year 2003   53. A Letter From My Son   52. The Japanese Science Future Museum   51. The Tokyo Disney Sea   50. Tropical Flowers   49. The Shirakawa Village   48. The DVD Recorder   47. The Wireless LAN System   46. The World Cup   45. Music And Mathematics   44. The Fitness Club   43. Challenging To The U.S. Law School   42. The Power of the Internet   41. The Big And The Small Edo   40. Sexual Harassment   39. Windows XP   38. Unexpected Bowling Game   37. Fears of Terrorism   36. A Summer at Tateyama   35. The Wimbledon   34. Old Things   33. An Interval of Tennis Games   32. The Bad Effects of Monopoly   31. The Kanda Festival   30. The PC as My Old Friends   29. The War Game of Banks   28. A Necktie and a Raw Egg   27. The Photograph of a Passport   26. A Drunkard and a Front Tooth   25. The Entrance Examination of the Tokyo University   24. The World of Orchid   23. A Restaurant at Akasakamitsuke   22. Dangerous Hospitals   21. The King of Fruits  20. Traditions Forgotten Away  19. A Father of a Bride  18. The Season of A New Year's Cards  17. The New Century   16. A Flood and a Theft   15. A Thief  14. An Elementary School in a Downtown  13. The Aircraft Carrier  12. A Trip to Kyoto  11. The Pollution Caused by Pigeons  10. Internationalization Through English  09. The Season of Cherry Blossoms  08. A Shirt Sold by a Department Store  07. The Southeast Asia  06. The Science Magazine for Children  05. A Trip to Hangzhou  04. Yanesen  03. Speaking the Standard Language  02. The Future of Japan  01. The Story of a Carp

Saturday Walk
 13.Lois Cafe, Asian Modern  12.The Mixed Cultural Restaurant Ooshime  11.Soba Noodle Shinano  10.Atago-yama ZEXS  09.The World Three Dainties  08.Chinese Cuisine Kamonkou  07.Izuei Umekawa-tei  06.Italian Food  05.Father's Reproof  04.The Water Front As a Subcenter of Tokyo  03.Ginkgo Trees at Hongo  02.The China Town in Yokohama  01.Coca Restaurant

My Hobby
Tennis   My First Tennis Experience  Tennis Friends
Arts & Museums  Pompei  LLADRO  Children's Dolls in the Showa Era  The China National Treasure Exhibition  The 32nd Nitten Exhibition
Travel  Trip to Kamikochi  Trip to South Africa  Trip to Kyoto  Memories in Munich
Reading  Secrets of Mao Tse-Tung  Net-Force  Nozomu Hayashi's Observation on British  Harry Potter   Dr. Hawking
Writing  Information Technology  Legal Books and Papers
Golf  My Golf Form  Golf Diary  Golf Technique

Photo Gallery
    17.Trip to Noto Peninsula   16.Iris and Hydrangea   15.The Asalea Festival   14.The Cherry Blossom Party   13.The Japan Ornament Fish Fair   12.Top View From Akasaka and Shiba   11.Top View From Akasaka   10.The Ueno Zoological Gardens   09.Flying Photos   08.Cover Photo Gallery   07.Photos in Tokyo   06.Autumn in Kyoto   05.Roses in the Furukawa Garden   04.The Japan Maritime Self Defense Force   03.Tropical Flowers   02.The World Orchid Exhibition   01.Votive Pictures at the Yushima Shrine
World Travel
    001. World Travel Index   002. Asia Travel   003. America Travel   004. Europe Travel   101.USA_East   102.USA_West   103.USA_South   104.Argentina   201.England   202.France   203.Germany   204.Netherlands   205.Italy   206.Spain   207.Russia   208.Czech   301.Thailand   302.Malaysia   303.Singapore   304.Vietnam   305.China Beijin   306.China HongKong   307.China Hangzhou   308.Brunei   309.India   401.South Africa  

Video Gallery
  15.Palace Hibiya Moat   14.Kaze-no-Bon Dance   13.Mysterious Jelly Fishes   12.Noto Soran Festival    11.Superconducting Magnet Train   10.Ornament Fish    09.Maneuvers    08.Maritime Review    07.Kanda Festival    06.Tokyo Disney Resort    05.Loach Catching    04.Asakusa Carnival    03.Traditional Music     02.Asimo of Honda    01.Plum Festival  
High Quality Wall Paper
 Wallpaper Best 12 Selections  Wallpaper of Kyoto

  11.Blue Sea    10.Urashima    09.NewYear    08.Dinosaur    07.Africa    06.Christmas    05.Ginko Leaves    04.Maple Leaves 03.Aquarium of Tropical Fishes  02.Dream of Tropical Sea  01.Dancing of Butterflies & Birds with Cherry Blossoms

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