This is my essay.

I succeeded in reducing my weight 5 kilograms through dieting. The measures of my dieting are mainly reducing the volume of lunch, such as taking buckwheat-noodles or so. Therefore at first I have been hungry in the daytime. However I have already got used. Nowadays I can easily wear the trousers, which formally were so tight to my body. Also, formerly I could not see the figure of my lung, but now I can see my rib. When I sent my photograph to my mother by the e-mail, she commented that my face seemed to be so small. The only one good thing of my reducing weight was that I could make a good play in the tennis matches of weekends. Because I feel my body is more suitable to play tennis than before.

However the report of the medical checkup in this year was more than I expected. To the contrary, the report made me so surprised. By only 5 kilograms' difference of weight, all of the health-checking items, such as the total cholesterol etc have been drastically improved. For example GPT, which shows the function of liver, although it was the severe level 110 in last year, it has become only 30. I didn't expect that weight control would have such great effects on my body.

2004 year 2003 year
Weight Desirable figures 73.5kg 78.7kg
Neutral fat 30 - 149 mg/dl 78 136
Total cholesterol 122-239 mg/dl 190 241
GOT(AST) 11-38 IU/1.37c 22 56
GPT(ALT) 6-50 IU/1.37c 30 110

In addition, the eyesight of my right eye has also improved by 0.2. However I can not be proud of this. While I was reading the eye-test chart and I reached to the point that I could not see the figure. But I dared to read these figures by guess. It happened to hit by chance. When I told such a story to my wife, she said that she knew such a man whose eyesight was always 2.0. It is no wonder, because he completely remembers the whole of the eye-test chart.

On the other days I saw the U.S. movie, titled as "Space Cowboys". One of the old astronaut candidates was doing the same thing as I did, while he got the physical strength inspection of NASA. I was laughing to see it. However the eye-test of old days used written paper-chart, we could remember the whole chart. But the present eye-test makes use of such an instrument as binoculars, is it effective to remember the whole of the eye-test chart? I don't think so. But I would like to ask some specialists on this point.
(November 18, 2004)


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