This is my essay.

I often go to several Soba (backward) noodle restaurants near my house. Among them I like the restaurant having a small pond of colored-carps. It is very nice to take Soba noodles with watching swimming carps. However there is attractiveness at this restaurant. If you would order the curry Soba noodles with chicken meats, I am sure that you would be surprised to taste it. Since I was so impressed by its good taste, I have ordered this curry Soba noodle, every time when I go to this restaurant. I have not been bored it.

In case of the curry Soba noodles with chicken meat of an ordinary Soba restaurant, I think the taste of curry would be stronger than that of the Soba sauce. So I would feel that I was taking curry instead of Soba. However the curry Soba noodles with chicken of this my favorite restaurant is different. When I would take it, of course I would feel that I was taking curry. But after a while, I would taste that I was taking Soba source, which was comprised of sea weeds. I can enjoy taking both tastes of curry and Soba. I concentrated in taking it and I realized that I finished it. I think that different tastes of curry and Soba are nicely co-existing together. This is the skill of cook.

By the way, I found another example of coexistence of two tastes. I sometimes to go to the antenna shop of the Yamagata Prefecture near my office. They sell the local products of the Yamagata Prefecture. Among them I found a chocolate block sweet. My wife found it and she bought it. At first I neglected it. One day as I was hungry, I happened to take it and I was surprised. It melted in my mouse and it was so nice taste. I felt both tastes of chocolate and peanuts. They are co-existing.

Not only my wife and I, but also our son, who has grown up to be in the end of 20s, like this chocolate block. When we put it on the table of the living room, someone takes it. Luckily my wife found it at the super market near my house. So it was her role to supply this chocolate. However in these days there are some competitors who buy this chocolate. So sometimes it is sold out. In such case, I will buy this at the antenna shop.

But last week, when I went to the antenna shop, I found that the manufacturer of the chocolate block had changed its display. It was replaced some new products. I was so disappointed. Then I checked the Internet and found that the manufacturer sold this chocolate block. As this chocolate block was listed at the top of the chocolate item, it should be very popular. I ordered this by 12 pieces, which was the minimum unit. The price was only 2,650 yen (US$ 25). If it was too many, I would send some of them to my daughter for help. Tonight, three of our family member would take this with noise, which would be a peaceful scene.

(June 5, 2005)

(Note) Denroku


Essay of My Wonderful Life

(c) Yama san 2005, All rights reserved

(Source) Caprs(Season's Window), Restaurant and Soba noodle(Umimori Service Area)