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The Interior of the Lois Cafe

My daughter found this restaurant in a female magazine the other day. We talk to each other, "Isn't it strange that they call themselves as a cafe, but they claim that they are a restaurant. Anyway Asian modern cuisine seems to be very attractve, doesn't it? Yeah! That's right. Shall we try? All Right!" This is the beginning for us to go to this restaurant.

It is the restaurant of a very strangely wonderful atmosphere. The word "strangely" is not always in a bad meaning. To say correctly, it will just be going to call it "an interesting combination of various ethnic cuisines in the Asia-atmosphere."

Generally, it is strange, considering the position of the restaurant. Although there is the first basement level of the building near the Sukiyabashi crossing, I can not find the way to go there on the ground. I can go there only passing through the underground way. It is more intelligible for me to go. I usually go there by the stairs of the underground passage which corresponds under the JR Urakucho station from the direction of Hibiya. Just after I go up the stairs and I take the way to right. Then I can find this restaurant on the left side of the building, which seems to be located in the first basement level of the Ginza five.

Strangely enough, this restaurant occupies both sides of the passage in the building. It means that on the right-hand side across the interesting passage, there are table and chairs for customers and on the left side, there is the kitchen. Of course a glass separeated the passage and coustomers's seats. However still, once the cooking had been prepared, the waitress has to go to the opposite side of a passage and to carry it to the customers's table. Although it is curious structire, they can manage, because the passage is the underground floor of a building and also because there is little traffic.

As the cover photograph shows, tables of this restaurant are made of wood and chairs are white sofas and wooden ones. I am impressed by the green leaves on the tables. These leaves are about 30 cm and put in the glasses of water. Without speciali care, they will keep its fresh green color more than a week.

Now, talking about dishes, the customers would be embarrassed by the strange menu of Asian style. "Miss Saigon" ?, "the rice cake covered with sweet bean of the Morocco style" ?? And "Pannakotta of soy milk" ???... What are they? I can't imagine what kind of meals are they. It's more than our imagination. After we gets used to go to this restaurant, my daughter and I promised to see there. As I was a little late to arrive there, I asked her to order the meals on behalf of myself. At that time I sent her e-mail, "Please order the udon noodle with the meat bean paste." Then she replied to me, "Dad! You'd better to use the formal name as they have deviced. What your expression on this meal is too cheap." However I can't imagine what kind of meals, even if I would know the formal name as "the fried noodle of Soki style with bang-bang-zee souce??" Anyway I stopped argueing about it to my daughter. It is clear that she is stronger than I.

Now I will irrustrate about the menu. "Miss Saigon" is a cooled noodle with salad. The taste is quite simple. However the explanation of the restaurant is more attractivly exprtessed. It is "the organic pasta which piled about ten kinds of fresh vegetables and the herb". As for the dessert "the rice cake covered with sweet bean of the Morocco style", an azuki bean and rice are mixed up. I don't think it is the suitable naming. "Pannakotta of soy milk" is a healthy dessert with large large tapioca and Bajile seed, according to their menu. What is this???

Like the above, this restaurant, named as the Lois Cafe is mainly aiming at the the young women. But still, I sometimes go there for taking lunch. One day, when I was taking a late lunch alone at the Lois Cafe, I found a very young woman, wearing so-called a recruit look, sat on the table on the other side. I could see her directly. At the moment of the ordered meal being placed on her table, she fully smiled. Then I was surprised to see her behavior. She bowed her head for a while and united her both hands in front of her. It means that she showed a thanks-giving style to the God. Nowadays it is quite rare for us to see such a style before taking meals in front of people. I thought she was born in a pious family. I thought I saw good behavior of a young girl.

To the contrary, I sometimes observe other young girls', bad manner, such as suddenly smoking or talking very loudly. In this meaning the Lois Cafe is a good place to observe the recent young women's behaviors.

By the way, the sales message of the Lois cafe is as follows.

What is hidden is the scent of culture and history. Being filled is the free and quiet heart. Asian modern even with comfortable light and air -- the very healthy dish using vegetables and foods organic to modern space in plenty. We prepared the high-quality drink which moistens the heart elaxation to the adult to whom the body comes and rice cake is softened Asian. Please enjoy the time of one which touches the modern heart in the Lois cafe

I reminded that they old the strange music CDs at the register. When I heard it, I said that it was audible with Boon and Boon. My daughter laughed at me.

(June 3, 2004)

(Note) Crayon Co. Ltd, which is a company of the fashion in a SPA style, has been running this restaurant. It started the Lois Cafe style business in September 1997. No wonder why this is not a normal restaurant.

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