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Screen Saver : Galaxy DX
1. A Trip to the Deep Universe

A shining great Galaxy is appearing on the universe of the black background. It is rotating clockwise slowly, carrying out the shape of a very beautiful swirl. It is lengthening an arm in all directions. Probably it will just be going to call a diameter 100,000 light years. When I thought that I was looking down on it from the long distance almost right-angled position, I approached the Galaxy at violent speed. I rushed into the Galaxy, avoiding the central part where numerous numbers of stars is. These stars are shining greatly white and I am almost dazzled by watching them. They are shaping just like as the sombrero of the Mexican hat.

When I moved along with the circumference of the Galaxy from the position, one planet appeared suddenly from the left. It progresses by considerable earliness and was overlapping with white part of a nucleus of the Galaxy. Then, in the white part, the black shadow of the star moved slowly and crossed. It is the solemn view of the universe. I approached the star. I found that it was the terrestrial planet, which consists of the continent where water and green overflow. The star, which is shining blue, twinkles alone in the black universe and rotates calmly. At the next moment, a comet went past quickly towards the lower right then from the upper left. It is a mystical spectacle. I forgot myself for a while.

2. The Progress of Technology

In fact, this is depiction of a screen saver in the personal computer. This screen saver contains not only a galaxy and the terrestrial planet but also the Saturn type planet and a spacecraft. I am so impressed by the wonderfulness of this screen saver, which can set up a maximum of 20,000 stars at the same time. You can set up even the number of the comets. Until just recently, let say a decade ago, we couldn't build up the simulation of the Galaxy like this screen saver, without using a mainframe computer. And that it was very troublesome for us to use the computer. It needed a long time and serious effort. However, this screen saver is free software, which fully moved by my notebook computer and moreover we can get it through the Internet. I am surprised to see the progress of the technology.

3. Simulation

The present human beings are small and delicate existence to compare with this grand universe. We can go out from this planet, but it is only until moon. On the other day, President Bush announced the Mars travel plan. Is it realized while I am alive? This ambitious plan needs not only huge amount of money but also a long time. It takes about two years for the astronauts to go and come back from the Mars. There is no guarantee of their lives. But still I hope that a courageous astronaut might volunteer.

Considering such a point, this screen saver is not the thing of a small scale called the earth to Mars. We can watch the galaxy from a long distance and we cam go across it in more than a light speed. According to Einstein's theory of relativity, human beings can not travel at more than a light speed. However we can easily have a trip of the universe at a super velocity of light. Although it is a simulation, but still I think that it is wonderful software. I would like to express my sincere appreciation of the author of this software.

By the way, I am not always complaining to this software, but I think how nice if stars would have each color and many various nebulas would be scattered here and there. Of course before asking like this, I may have to grade up my own personal computer beforehand.

(Note) Screen saver "Galaxy DX",
Author: Mr. Yutaka Kawakami (,

(February 1, 2004)


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