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Someone would say that I might be one of the fond parents. But still, I would like to praise my daughter, who has been doing very well for saving people's lives, as a fresh surgeon.

(Case 1: the last year as a student of her medical school)

When she was waiting at the emergency room of her hospital as a trainee, it was informed that an accident occurred on the highway and a few drivers were injured. She soon jumped in the ambulance. On the way to the place where the accident occurred, the ambulance stopped on the highway by heavy traffic congestion. It was the point of 1km far from the accident spot. So she jumped down from the ambulance and having the heavy emergency apparatus, she had a run to the spot. It took her within 10 minutes to arrive there. As soon as she found the wounded men, she took care of them. Luckily they wee not so heavily wounded.

(Case 2: the last year as a student of her medical school)

This was also the story when she was in the emergency room. One day a worker of a factory was seriously wounded. He was carried into her hospital by the ambulance. He was caught by a moving machine at his factory. His heart had already stopped and he had no breath. The doctor injected and asked her to do the heart massage. She quickly rode on his body and kept performing the massage. However her effort was in vain. After half an hour, the doctor declared his death. She took care of his family. When everything finished, she was about to wear off her white gown. Then she found that the color turned to deep-black. It was the color of the grease oil of the machine that the dead person was rolled in.

(Case 3: the first year as a training doctor)@

When she was on duty alone on Saturday night, the colicky student was carried by the ambulance. He said that the stomachache had continued for one week or so. She checked all of the colicky tests and diagnosed that it was caused by the appendix. She prescribed a medicine for the patient. After a while his painfulness was eased. In the ordinary case, as a next step, she would let him to stay the hospital on that night and in the next morning, she should correspond to a special hospital. Actually the nurse recommended her to do so. However, she felt it might be dangerous to him, because his pain had continued for more than a week. Then, she decided to bring him to a special hospital and to do an emergent operation immediately. At that time, there was no staff and necessary equipment in her hospital. Consequently this decision was very right. After a while a managing doctor sent a letter to the general manager of her hospital. He wrote, "I am praising the right decision of the doctor in charge at that night. If the patient would not come to my hospital on that timing, he was sure to die within six hours or so. Therefore I express my sincere thanks to her on behalf of the patient".

(Case 4: the second year as a training doctor)

When she was on duty in the emergency room of her hospital, a patient was carried in. He encountered the traffic accident in a near place and got the large injury, He was seriously injured in his head, ear and legs. Especially his ear was almost torn off from his head. In order to investigate an injury of his head, it took about 20 minutes to prepare for C. T. scanner. She hit on a idea, "Is it possible to make use of this short time for treating his ear? The sooner is the better to do so." Then, She started to sew his ear for putting together the ear torn to pieces. She could complete the sawing before he was brought into the C. T. scanner. Although she succeeded in sawing his ear, she had no confidence whether his ear finally stick to his head or not. As he was not under her jurisdiction, she refrained from seeing him. So she was worried about his ear all the time. One month later, she had a chance to see him. Surprisingly he wore a pair of glasses on the sewed ear. A few months later, she was heard that his ear was connected perfectly to his head.

(Case 5: the first year as a doctor)

One night, a woman was carried in her hospital. Her ear was torn to pieces in the accident. Although it was a small ear, she tried to sew it. Since then around one year passed. She saw the woman by chance in a cabin of the railway train. She observed the woman's ear. She found that no one could notice that her ear was once torn to pieces. She was so satisfied to see it.

I sincerely hope that she could continue to do her best for saving people as above. However I noticed that her duty job had been extra-ordinarily hard during a training doctor. Every day, including weekends, the time she could come back to my house was around 1 o'clock in the morning. And that she had to work whole day and night at least 2 days in a week. I have been so worried about her health.

(May 20, 2004)


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