I like England because I can find something new and interesting, every time when I have visited there. I think that England is really a wonderful country. That is why England was known as the British Empire. One day I asked a question to an intelligent young British, saying that this might be a rude question. I was "Why did the English Empire decline?" He answered, "Probably the international situation was advantageous to Britain and there were many people who had full of an adventurous spirit." However, in my opinion, I could not give the passing mark to this answer. This explains only the situation of the most prosperous time not the reason of decline. I think that the Roman Empire declined because she indulged public with bread and circus. Just like this the English Empire indulged public with the perfect social security system from a cradle to a graveyard. It might be very ironical, because people had been endeavored to build up the perfect social security for a long time.

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