Frankly speaking, I have not so good impression on the Netherlands. It is because of a happening that our valuables deposited in the safety box were stolen, while we are having a family trip with children. I was stolen my wife and children's passports, our airline tickets and a certain amount of cash at a hotel in Amsterdam. It is one of the chain hotels. I dare not to say the name of the hotel, but this chain is well-known in all over Europe. I was so troubled, but I have to take them back. Soon after I found that they were stolen, I went to the capital Den Hague. Then I asked the Embassy of Japan to issue their passports again. It took two days for me to get them. Also I visited the office of Singapore Airlines to pick up new tickets. The stuff issued it on the spot. However cash was so troublesome. I requested the hotel manager to compensate it. Since it was not so small amount of money, surprisingly he gave me a countermeasure to pay half amount of my request. Starting with this, I had intensively negotiated with the manager for full two days. At last I got the amount of my request as the compensation from him. After we agreed, he gave me the cash by bills. In accounting the number of the bills in front of me, he deplored saying "Profit of one month is about to miss!" I couldn't stop laughing.

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