The history of South Africa is very complicated. Firstly Bohr who means the farmer of the Netherlands started settling from the 17th century among the black in Africa. Bohr speaks their own language, which is today's Afrikaans. Secondly the French Protestant emigrated. Thirdly a lot of immigration came from Britain, since this area was owned by the British at the Vienna meeting in 1814. Moreover, the British brought Indians or Indonesians. As the results of this immigration, in addition to the existence of the black, South Africa has become a genuine multi-ethnic nation. In the course of her history, there have been the confrontations between Afrikaners and the black, mining owners and white mining laborers or the black and the white. Especially after World War II, the notorious apartheid policy was taken, which was the symbol of the conflict of South Africa and had been under international criticism. However it was abolished in 1991. In 1994 Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was elected as the first black president. Since then South Africa started new steps after these sad history into a background. When I visited in 1997, it was the time of difficult situation of politically changing. Many poor people flowed into Johannesburg which is the economic center of the nation and the peace of the center of commerce was getting worse and worse.

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