I like the cosmology that discusses the origin of the universe etc. Also, I like to look up the sky at night and see stars. One of my most impressed experiences to see stars was the sky when I climbed Mt. Tateyama with my friend when I was a university student. We reached to the point of 2,600 meters above the sea level and we took a natural spring bath in the air by chance. I happened to look up at the sky while I soaked my body in the hot spring. I was very impressed by the beauty of stars and the Milky Way spreading out in the sky. Stars were twinkling red or blue. The belt of white Milky Way crossed the sky diagonally. It was really more than a mysterious view so far I have experienced. Two comets suddenly appeared from the right hand side. They crossed the sky and soon disappeared at the same time. (These photographs are taken from the Hubble Space Telescopes, sponsored by the European Space Agency and the NASA. http://www.spacetelescope.org./ Some of them are artists' hand writings.)

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