It is my most favorite pastime to play tennis every weekend. I had been a member of the Jingu Tennis Club for quite a long time. I love not only the wonderful atmosphere of this club, but also the tunnel of the ginkgo trees on the way to my club. In April, leaves are appearing on the trees. In May all trees are covered by green ginkgo leaves. In summer these leaves make this passenger's way into a green tunnel, which is cool and nice. In autumn, the leaves are changing into yellow. Both yellow leaves on trees and fallen leaves make this tunnel into golden yellow colored. As the Ginkgo festival is held here. Many people come and enjoy the wonderful scenery. When it is in December, all leaves have fallen down and almost no one would come here. The gingko trees will start to sleep until next March.

(July 10, 2005)

(Source) Background, line and Ginkgo Leaf(Coco), Squerral(Season's Window), Leaves line(Kisetsu no Komichi), Java(ijichi),  (C) Yama san 2005. All rights reserved