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Jalan Jalan

My progress of playing tennis quite slow, just like as a turtles. However my ability of making comment on tennis play has been increasing rapidly, just like a rabbit. Well, I remind of such type of people of playing golf, so-called a golfer "making some comments only".

This corner is mainly appreciation of the pictures of art museums.

So far I have often visited overseas, in terms of 28 nations. Every time when I visited oversea countries, I found something new, interesting, funny and instructive.

Reading books is a typically classical hobby, of which I am fond. However recently there have been so many random new publication books. I am a bit puzzled to select good books, to which I spend my precious time.

Playing golf was my most favorite hobby last time. But now I dare to say that golf is my fifth hobby. The proverb says, "If your score is less than 90, you will forget about other hobbies. If less than 80, you will forget about your job. If less than 80, I am sure you will forget about your family." In this meaning, I was happy to stop golf just before forgetting about other hobbies.

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